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PLC and Motion Control Training in the World of Automation

In today’s world, everything is automated. From banks, hospitals, malls, to government agencies and manufacturing. Automation has made many jobs obsolete, but it also made new and more technical jobs. PLC or Programmable Logic Controller programmers has become one of the fastest rising professions in the market today. With everything automated, people who know the technical know-how on how to run and operate these things have experienced rapid growth and opportunity. According to, a job posting website, PLC programmer in the United States has an average yearly salary of $71,000.

What is PLC?

PLC or Programmable Logic Controller is an industrial control system that monitors and adjust any decisions based on the pre-programmed logic set by the programmers. Mechanical machines can now perform faster since programmers can easily input the machines specific events to perform. PLC is using a program called Ladder Logic to adjust the machine to …