Work-Life Balance Benefits That Attract Millennial Employees

In today’s workforce, 50% of the employees are Millennials, and they are rapidly changing the culture of corporations across the globe. Before accepting a position, 80% of these workers give serious thought to how the job will affect their work-life balance. They want to work hard at their job and still have the resources to care for themselves and their family. If you’re a manager who wants to attract Millennials to your company, give some thought to incorporating some of these benefits to meet their need for balance.

Family Life Benefits

Over half of the Millennials have children, so attractive benefits to them are paid parental leave, childcare and educational assistance. Those who don’t have kids yet probably have a pet or two. They look for corporations that offer pet insurance as a benefit.

Flexible Work Environment

Millennials challenge the long office hours of their parents and prefer careers that still allow time for enjoying life. They want options to work remotely while still being plugged in with their colleagues through instant messaging and video calls. Project based work attracts millennials so they can work during the hours they are more productive.

Wellness Initiatives

This generation looks for companies that offer holistic wellness programs to their employees. Healthy food options, stress management education, mental health support and on-site fitness options are appealing to a Millennial, as is any competition involving a wearable fitness tracker.

Charitable Giving

Millennials like to give back to others and create positive change. Team building events at local charities and non-profits are important to this generation. They also look for corporations that share their internal values and who make philanthropic giving a high priority, including matching the donations Millennials make to their favorite charities.

To attract this generation to your company, develop benefits programs that provide the work flexibility, family needs, wellness initiatives and charitable giving opportunities that Millennials value.