Recent Cyber Security Trends Bode Well for Many Industries and Organizations

As with everything else in the realm of technology, the field of security continues to evolve at a rapid, reliable pace. With criminals coming up with new ways to attack all the time, security professionals have to work tirelessly to keep up. Some of the most significant cyber security trends of recent times, however, suggest that the good guys might just have even better chances of winning in the future.

One of the most striking of these has been the way that industry regulators and government authorities have started to become much more knowledgeable about the issues. Many companies have, in the past, struggled with how much to spend on digital security, as investing too generously compared to competitors can make it difficult to keep up on other fronts. In industries where regulators require a certain level of security awareness and protection, on the other hand, a more level playing field can be assured. With regulators increasingly demonstrating an ability to recognize and account for the most significant threats through their mandates, improved security for all becomes much easier to achieve.

Another trend that many find encouraging is that demand for skilled, specialized security professionals has been climbing sharply in recent years. It was not very long ago that cyber security was thought of by many as simply a subset of the information technology field, with many duties therefore being handled by those whose backgrounds were not really up to the task. Since then, awareness as to the importance of making use of what truly capable, dedicated security specialists have to offer has grown significantly. As a result, many companies today are much better protected than in the past.

This can be seen even at the highest levels of some organizations today. An increasing number of larger companies now have a Chief Cybercrime Officer or another such executive overseeing security for the entire organization. Where this cannot be justified for a company of smaller scale, working closely with a dedicated security contractor has become a lot more common than it was previously. Thanks to trends like these and others, even the best efforts of the most dedicated criminals are becoming less likely to succeed.