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Dealing With The Problem Of Soil Erosion.

When the topmost part of soil is displaced, we call this soil erosion. Soil erodes naturally but is small amounts and this should not be a cause of panic as it is a normal natural occurrence. Erosion however can seem to be a slow process and can be continuous without notice. Cause for alarm comes in when soil erosion makes a lot of damage.

Agents of soil erosion take advantage of the formation, cutting and exposition of soil. Noticing soil erosion helps in dealing with it effectively. Erosion may be as a result of human activity or natural activities.

Different activities by man leads to soil erosion. The two top most causes of soil erosion are water and wind. There are other secondary determinants of soil erosion related to the human and natural activities. Below is a list of the factors.;

The touch in terms of fineness of the soil. Small and light soils erode more easily than large and heavy soils.

Steepness is a great determinant of soil erosion. Steep lands makes it easy for erosion to occur.

Excessive use of soil makes it easy for it to be eroded.

The amount of rain n area receives will dictate the amount of erosion that will occur there.

The presence of trees in an area makes it hard for wind to blow there. When there is excessive deforestation, this makes it easy for the wind to displace soil.

On-site effects are effects experienced on the land that soil has been removed while off-site effects are those where soil has been transferred to. When soil is displaced, a lot of nutrients is taken away meaning the production of that particular area is reduced. When soil is suspended it is taken to a new area and has some effects on the land it has been deposited too.

Dealing with any problem requires understanding its causes. People deal with soil erosion in the following ways.;
One of the most common ways of dealing with soil erosion is increasing vegetative coverage. This includes the planting of crops and reducing long period tillage by practicing shift farming. Plantation of trees or shrubs at the edges of vegetative lands also helps in trapping the wind.

For water erosion, one of the main control measures that can be taken is the construction of gabions and other. Use of erosion mats and other products that will prevent the agents of erosion from having direct contact with the soil. Artificial grass makes holds soils together making it erosion resistant. The world has also come together to tackle global warming which is also a cause of soil erosion.

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