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Buying a Bow Rangefinder

There is a good chance that you got great skills in estimating ranges if you are among those fortunate archers who are nearby to local 3D archery range. However, this isn’t something that everyone can have because average archers don’t got the chance of shooting their bows and arrows like the pros and for this, range estimation skills are varying widely from different person.

Believe it or not, you can gradually develop your range estimate skills even you are at home by putting an object away from you and observe how much distance the object has from your position. From there, you start estimating the distance until you are sure that you have ranged it correctly.

On the other hand, if you still are having a hard time figuring out the estimated range, don’t fret as there are various kinds of bow laser rangefinders that you can buy on the market today. You can make use of these devices for varying purposes similar to golfing, forestry, surveying and of course, hunting. As a result, it is imperative to buy one that is made to cater archer’s needs in mind. Fortunately, there are many of it and you can pick from top brands at varying models and prices.

Also, don’t forget to check the mode functions integrated in the bow rangefinder that you are going to buy before zeroing in on one. The reason for this is that, you may encounter rangefinders that are in First Priority Mode and Second Priority Mode; in the former, these are the devices that are reading the first object that it come across in its line of sight while the latter go past it and reads the second object. For this reason, rangefinders set in FPMs are a lot more useful if you have a clear shot of your target from your position and if there are obstructions in your line of sight like trees, bushes etc. then you probably should opt for the SPM.

Aside from that, you have to take into account that in addition to operating in either FPM or SPM, many of bow laser rangefinders are available in additional modes like the ARC or Automatic Range Compensation or Horizontal mode and San Mode. As a matter of fact, the ARC mode is most preferred when you are hunting in steep terrain as it calculates the distance accurately even when aiming downhill or uphill. Scan Mode as what the name suggests allows hunter to range multiple object’s distance by simply holding the Scan button and move the rangefinder back and forth along the viewing area.

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