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Choosing the Best Brake Rotor Just like any other automobile part, the selection of a brake rotor is based on how one uses the motor vehicle daily. Every the driver wants to have that excellent performing braking system Therefore one needs to have a perfect combination of the braking system and tires. Brake rotors that exist vary very much in type. The distinction of the kinds of rotors is based on the types of cuts made on the rotor surface. The cuts made on the rotor are critical in cooling the brake rotors by allowing passage of air. The braking potential of a vehicle is affected negatively by the holes and cuts existing on the surface of the rotor. Explained below are some of the options one has when it comes to brake rotors. Compact rotors. Made of solid cast iron, and these rotors are best suited for those low performing automobiles. These brake rotors are used for quite a long period than the perforated ones. The compact brake rotors produce less dust than the other types and are quiet in performance. This is a good option for those who want to replace the worn out rotors with original rotors. Slotted surface rotors. Unlike the smooth surface rotors, slotted surface rotors produce more brake friction. They are commonly used in racing vehicles and heavy trucks. In trucks the additional friction is critical in stopping them due to the heavy loads. However, these rotors always have a lower lifespan due to the high friction.
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Rotors whose surface has been poked holes. Cross drilled surface rotors stop better than the slotted brake rotors since they produce more friction. However the main down side is the uneven wear and tear and the numerous cracks resulting from rigorous braking. These rotors are not ideal for the racing vehicles due to the fast wear and tear. In rainy and humid areas, the cross drilled surface brake rotors are very ideal. Since they are lighter than the other brake rotors, cross drilled brake rotors are ideal for those looking for light solutions.
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Cross drilled and slotted surface rotors. These are rotors with the two types of surface cuts. Such rotors are good for normal street drives. They are ideal to those seeking rotors with a long braking life. The durability of this type of brake rotors may be altered more so if the brake rotors are used in automobiles that need quick stopping such as racing vehicles. Grooved breaking rotors with dimples on them. These are designed to give that facial appeal. They offer the efficiency of the non-drilled rotor. For those who operate high performance vehicles such as the racing club, then the slotted and dimpled surface rotors become ideal.