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A Guide to Signal Jamming

To dislocate or interrupt radio signals a signal jammer is used. Normally it is used to stop cellular phones from transmitting and receiving signals. It is possible to interfere with cellular phones by using the usually wireless signal jammers to disrupt them. The development and manufacture of signals jammers like Bluetooth jammers and wi-fi as well as video jammers which are possible to interfere satellite jams, video jammers and other hi-tech jammers.

There will be difficulties to interfere with electronics that are in working condition using electronic signal jammers. Cellular phones can be jammed by jammers who are authorized by the State. Upon interfering with the phones connection to base station then a portable cellular phone cannot receive or transmit either calls or messages. A signal that is as big as a base station for outdoor signals then perhaps there would be health effects on people.

The most common signal jammer is a cellular phone jammer. It can be hard for a base station and cell phone to connect if a signal jammer disrupts the signal. This is done by disrupting radio waves. A range of one to ten kilometers is easily covered by a normal signal jammer. CDMA and GSM cellular phones if they are positioned well they can be jammed and also if the basestations are different and big outdoor signal stations.

A GPS signal jammer is also commonly used. If the military want to jam a signal so that they can hide a GPStracking they use this type of signal.

As a result tracking systems are not home made. People not in the military attempt to make this jammers by concealinga vehicles location to ensure it can’t be traced by a GPS receiver. This GPS jammer is able to only cover ten meters.

A signal jammer that does not cover a broad range is not preferred by most civilians. A Bluetooth jammer is included with a jammer that is multi-functional and is able to jam video or wi-fi. Disrupting and disabling Bluetooth devices, private video broadcasts and wireless LAN.

There are several type of jammers and their categories are as per their range of performance. Some signals are as big as a room and others just fit in a more shirt pocket. Big jammers jam larger areas. Their prices are varied too.