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Ideas For Selecting Men Socks There are many men who do not pay attention to socks that they wear a situation which may smash one’s look when they are attending a function. One’s look, though looking decent when judged using other clothes may be smashed by a wrong selection of socks to wear. Factors that one needs to be keen on when choosing socks to wear include color, length, weight and pattern and one needs to choose a good combination of the factors to suit an event. Lengths to choose from include ankle length, below the ankle socks length, above the ankle or above the calf lengths which one should select depending on the occasion one is dressing to attend. When one settles on the correct length to wear for a function they are also required to select the correct weight choosing between thin and thick socks. There are also numerous patterns to choose from such as window pane, argyle and plain. The last consideration when selecting a pair to wear for a function is the color which greatly depends on other clothes that one is wearing. One can choose to wear khaki, green, black, navy or white color which is the most common socks colors for men. The main guide on what to wear in the event that one is planning to attend. For an individual going to a gym or sport related function athletics socks will suit them. Grey is the most popular color with the athletic socks although others come in white most of them contain stripes. The most appropriate length for athletics socks is those above the ankle or the above-the-calf socks. When one plans to attend a casual event wearing blue jeans it is advisable that one matches them with blue socks which will offer a perfect balance. Combining jeans with athletics socks or white socks look a terrible idea as they usually do not get along but one can combine white denim with white socks. But denim of other tints needs to be combined with relevant casual socks. Thinner socks usually get along with slacks where one should match khaki pants with khaki socks, brown pants with brown socks and black ones with black socks. Should be attending a formal event in formal attires such as suit it is advisable that one matches color of socks with the suits.
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One pattern which can be utilized when wearing jeans and slacks is the argyle pattern which can also be utilized when wearing suits. When selecting other patterns one may also select them depending on the color of their pants but when one is wearing shorts socks especially long pairs are not advisable.Getting To The Point – Socks